Garage Storage Tips

Extreme Garage Makeover NeededIt is time to take control of one of the largest rooms in your home – the garage. Garage storage is not rocket science, but it does require some planning. Like most storage at home, you need to start with some clear ideas of what you want from your garage area. If all you want to do is install storage shelves and park your vehicles inside, then that is fairly easy. You will, however, need to be able to get to the walls in your garage before you can start setting up your storage system.

Although I am fairly sure that the condition of your garage is not as bad as the one pictured above, most of us have way too much stuff stored in our garages. Perhaps you have been saving newspapers for the paper drive at the church that ended 15 years ago (...time to recycle on your own!) or maybe you have boxes of tax records that date back to the last century. Really, the government is not interested in records that old. Bank records and paid bills from that era should not be given safe haven in the potential storage space you have in your garage.

Garage Storage Systems

Garage Storage RacksThere are a number of storage systems that will work in the garage area. One thing that you know you will need is some form of shelving.

Whether you use a shelving system, a pro cabinet system or add one rack at a time, your garage will be better organized with rack shelves. See Garage Storage Racks.

If you decide that your garage should be primarily for vehicle parking with just wall storage, then the decisions are usually easier to make as to how to store things. Closed closets work nicely for many type of items and make a considerably neater physical appearance, but can be pricey. The movable chrome wire shelving is a particularly good storage solution. You can load those racks up with as much as they can carry and still roll them around easily.

Plastic Storage Boxes 

Using clear storage boxes on metal racks provides you with a way of see what you have stored on each shelf while keeping the items inside free from dirt. Making storage easy, plus the ability to find your belongs or tools when you need them, is one of the fundamental benefits of any storage system that you choose to use.

There are multiple sizes of clear plastic boxes to fit on your shelving racks. Be sure to measure when you are assembling the racks so you eliminate the frustration of trying to place a plastic box on a shelf that is ½ inch too short.  More plastic boxes for storage on the page regarding storage boxes.

Carport Canopy

Carport CanopyAfter you have pared down to the things you want to actually keep and store in the garage, you are in a position to decide your actual goals for the space. Exactly where is your vehicle going to be parked?  Remember, if you really want to use your garage for something other than parking your car, you can get an outside canopy for your car(s). These are great additions for extra space and you can add sides for weather-proofing the area.
I have used these as an additional sun porch for a small house. It was pretty awesome with all types of flowers and potted plants everywhere.

Play or Work Areas in GarageDart Board 

Do you want to have space for a treadmill or even a dart board? Do you have tools to organize and a work bench where you work on projects? All of these questions should be answered, once or even before, you have cleared away the accumulation of items that you do not want or need.

(Do not forget Good Will or Salvation Army when you find all those stacks of clothes that you no longer want to wear.)

The garage is actually a great place to carve out a space for exercise equipment or game tables. they would be out of the way and yet convenient enough to use on a daily basis. The wind and rain will not keep you from exercising during inclement  weather. You can use a space heater during the winter months  to remove that chill from the air when you first start exercising.  This really is a great use of garage space.

Overhead Storage

Storage LiftDon’t forget about the overhead space. If you have high ceilings, there are overhead racks and even elevator racks that can provide quite a bit of extra storage space.

There are storage racks that can be mounted side by side to provide a considerable amount of storage space at the ceiling level. I do like the racks that are operated by cranks to raise or lower the storage rack. They hold lots of pounds and they are boxed and can be lowered whenever you are ready to use the contents. These are great for seasonal storage.

And, at the very bottom of things, do not neglect the floor of your garage area. Epoxy paint is a great thing to give your garage floors a new and finished look and it is an easier finish to keep clean than the standard concrete. If you apply it yourself, be aware that it smells bad and can give you a headache unless you follow the instructions. Just pick a nice day when you can have all the doors open and plenty of fresh air flow. It helps with the smell and also with the drying. (Check out the garage screen door to keep the bugs and litter out of your garage.). A painted floor does help your garage appearance. It sounds strange, but it will even help it look more organized.

Garage Storage Solutions

Whatever storage solution you decide to use, organizing your garage should be done in a reasonable and logical manner. You will end up with a garage that will be functional and even attractive, giving you a room full of storage and perhaps a place to park your car as well.